Antonio Junior

I'm a Developer/Motion Designer based in São Paulo/Brazil working as an iOS Developer for R/GA SP. Feel free to drop me a line if you wanna have a talk about Code, Animation, Design, UX, Coffee …

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iOS Development/Code/Swift/Prototyping/Animations and microinteractions

Client: R/GA

I started this great project with the role of set the architecture development with MVVM and RxSwift. After I moved on to a broaded role connecting the teams of Visual, UX and Tech to create and develop animations, prototypes, transitions, micro interactions and a lot of visual explorations for both iOS and Android platforms (Although I did not write any code for Android my role was to technally manage how to better write these animations and micro interactions). More informations soon.

About next

Already available for iOS and Android users, next is Bradesco’s new financial platform that offers products, services and experiences targeted to young customers. Under the “Make it happen” concept, next aims to meet the needs of an entire generation that has optimism, entrepreneurship and willingness to achieve goals as their core life priorities. Apart from the Bradesco brand, next’s goal is to build a transparent relationship with these customers and proactively promote financial understanding, so they can balance their equity management and have the ability to make dreams come true. Next offers innovative products and exclusive services through a casual, direct approach to ensure closeness to its customers. The idea is to offer an experience as attractive as those provided by other digital products that already are actively part of their lives.


Motherfu**ker Reel

Motherfu**ker low quality resolution of selected works from motion to dev projects.

321! Angle Does Matter

Art Direction/Design/Code

321 is a personal project developed exclusively for the App Store.

This game is the result of my studies in Objective-C field and my passion for designing user interfaces. 321 is a very cute, funny and an extremely hard game. A real puzzle.

See more: or directly at App Store


Brasil ❤ Argentina


My submission to the 5 seconds Plenty’s contest. This motion was influenced by the work from the blog and the awesome Paris versus New York.

Orientação de Percurso – Unimed-BH


Client: Lápis Raro

Crachito – Unimed-BH


Client: Lápis Raro

PUC – Cursos

Art Direction/Design/Animation

Client: Lápis Raro

Dengue Ville – Social Game


Dengue Ville was a social game developed for the Governo de Minas Gerais as an educational campaign aimed to reducing outbreaks of Dengue mosquito in the state of Minas Gerais. The game was released in Orkut and after a few months a new version, Dengue Ville 2 was released at Facebook.
Client: Lápis Raro






Some illustration techniques and styles




Reverso Romanelli


Project status: offline
Client: Sapien



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